Monday, 25 February 2013

Illness on top of chronic illness

I did nearly call this post 'sick with a cherry on top' but that really does conjure up a rather stomach churning image so I thought I'd better not. There, the thought of that's made you all feel nice and nauseous now hasn't it, welcome to my world ;)
So yeah. I've got a cold/sinusitis. Not fun and now I'm hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that my CFS doesn't relapse as a result.
Getting a simple infection is one of the greatest fears of a CFS patient because a simple illness can cause a monumental relapse completely out of all proportion to the illness that triggered it. And once you relapse you have no idea when you'll get anywhere near back to where you were pre-relapse.. Not fun. My consultant says that it is because any infection causes your immune system to go into overdrive and given that my condition is related to problems with my immune system and inflammation, it's no surprise that my illness has a bit of field-day.. Much appreciated dear body ;) oh and vaccinations have the same immune-system-stimulating effect which is why I've chanced not having the flu jab this year because of problems in the past. But it's one of those situations where you really can't win because if I get full-blown flu I'll be in big trouble..!
The actual cold/sinusitis isn't really that bad, it's the fear of it triggering my CFS that's worse. I'm perhaps more tired than normal- I slept all afternoon- but that's hardly unusual for me at the moment. My headache is a bit different, but to be honest it's quite nice to have a change ;) All the touching my face to blow my nose isn't setting off the nerve problems in my face too badly yet (but maybe I shouldn't speak too soon..!) The congestion is obviously not normal for me but I had horrific allergies for years so I can deal with congestion and sneezing.
If you could all keep your fingers crossed and send CFS-relapse-preventing vibes in my direction it would be much appreciated. But honestly, I'm fine- just doing a good Rudolph impression..!
And a picture that made me smile:

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