Friday, 15 March 2013

Alone in a Busy World

Sometimes it strikes me how remarkably alone one can feel in a world so full of people.

I don't mean that I feel in need of company, I mean that because each of us has had such a unique life-experience so far, it's difficult for any of us to truly understand the life of anyone else or for them to understand ours. Our experiences shape the perspective from which we see the world, and having each had different experiences, we all see the world and everything in it slightly differently. In the same given situation, we'd all view it slightly differently, approach it with different preconceptions and abilities, and come away having learnt different lessons or developed different opinions. Of course it can be argued that this enriches our culture and our different experiences and talents allow us to compliment one another and achieve great things, but it also means we are alone with where we are in life. Each of us is unique and therefore each of us forges the pathway of our lives alone. We walk alongside one another, but we can never walk exactly in one another's footsteps. We can comfort one another along the way, but we can never truly understand what someone else has been through or where they are heading. We can see and appreciate similarities, but no-one else's life will ever be identical to our own.

Perhaps this could be seen as a depressing thought, and maybe to some extent it is, but I also think it is empowering. Our lives are our own. We build our own pathway through life. We can go in whichever direction we choose. No-one else has been in our unique position to know what is the right decision for us, only we can choose what is right for us at that time, in that place, given where we have been.

So look to the future and decide what is right for you without looking round wondering what everyone else is doing, because they are making the decision that is right for them whereas you need to make your own decision about your own future, because no-one else is stood with you, no-one else faces the same decision as you, because no-one else has the same past, and no-one else faces the same future.

Sometimes we yearn for someone to know how we feel, to understand everything about our current situation. We want someone to stand by us and say 'I know how you feel, I understand everything, I was in the same position and did X- it was the right decision'- this person simply doesn't exist. There will be people out there who can understand aspects of your life, your past or your situation, take comfort from that, but always remember that you are unique. Just because something was right for someone else doesn't mean you should blindly follow.

So yes, we're all together on this planet, and we're surrounded by people every day, but we are also standing alone each and every day, working out our own path through life.

That was my little philosophical musing, lol. In terms of today- I'm feeling ok. I rested this afternoon because I was really tired but it's been a long week. My tummy still feels like I've eaten a horse (although I did actually have minced 'beef' today so perhaps it's right). My hands are really painful and my face is tingling incessantly, but that's pretty standard at the moment. Certainly glad it's the weekend :)

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  1. I felt awful, tired, jumpy, bloated, shaky and dizzy this time last year. For some unknown reason it stopped, gradually, in November. Now I feel normal. I have no idea why but it can happen. To anyone. Even you. Bless.