Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I know I only blogged yesterday, but I'm really struggling with my nausea right now, and this is basically a plea: is there anyone out there with any ideas to help with nausea?!

If other nauseated people come across this, the things I have tried so far are:

Mint and ginger. Mint does work a bit for me, I've personally never had success with ginger.

Acupressure wristbands (I have PsiBands because they're pretty)- they work to some extent for me.

Eating 'little and often'. It's always spouted at people with nausea but I really don't know how they expect people with nausea to be able to eat often.. Little I can understand but often is an issue..

Eating dry, bland food such as crackers or toast. A) what's the point, there's barely any nutritional value? B) no-one is ever going to find that appetising..

Over the counter indigestion remedies- may well not do much but worth a try.

Prescription Medications: anti-emetics, proton pump inhibitors, medications to speed up gastric emptying, IBS medications, motion sickness medications, inner ear condition medications etc. Try anything and everything if your nausea is having a serious impact. Cope without if you can because a lot of these are nasty meds and are difficult to tolerate with CFS because they often act on the central nervous system, but if you're really struggling with nausea do see your doctor and discuss these.

If you've tried all these and your doctor is basically out of ideas, your weight is worryingly low, your nausea is actually keeping you awake at night and you're getting pretty desperate, appeal for ideas on your blog ;)

[Edited to add: The specific medications I have tried are:

Cyclizene - no effect
Metoclopramide - SIDE EFFECTS!
Ranitidine - no effect
Mebeverine - no effect
Avomine - DROWSY!! (But worked)
Buscopan- no effect
Betahistine- promising at first, but sadly nope..
If anybody out there has found anything that has successfully helped with nausea, I'd be very interested to know what has helped!!]

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  1. Ginger helps me, often in the form of ginger oat biscuits.
    Also, sipping a hot drink whilst moving helps. Mine is often trapped wind because of inactivity and after burping a lot, the nausea often goes away completely.
    It's been bad this morning, but the ginger biscuits and the hot drink have helped a lot.