Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Update 06/08/13 Nausea, nausea, nausea..

It's been a strange time since I last posted. I'm continuing to really struggle with nausea and eating. I've never had nausea this severe for this long before, so it's becoming difficult to manage.

I've been away for a few days to spa hotels with a close friend. We had a lovely time and it was really relaxing. I manage fairly well in the water so it was nice to move my legs around a bit (although they now hurt rather a lot, so maybe I swam a bit too much...) and it was lovely relaxing in the hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms.. Bliss! All the staff were great at both hotels, although instead of asking at the first hotel, they automatically put us in an accessible room.. I don't really feel in need of an accessible wet room with shower seat and red emergency pull cords just yet, but hey! We seemed to get bigger rooms at both hotels because of my 'disability' though, so it does have it's advantages ;) The blue badge was definitely useful in the busy hotel car parks too!

I had one really bad night while we were away unfortunately. I woke up in the night with severe abdominal pain (even worse than normal, and SO much worse than I've had since I've started on tramadol) and was really ill with vomiting (I apologise for too much info but it was blue!?!) and an upset stomach. And then I passed out a couple of times, just for good measure.. I really wasn't sure what to do. I felt incredibly unwell and wasn't sure whether I needed to contact a doctor, particularly with being so underweight and I wasn't sure whether the fainting was due to low blood sugars because of my recent difficulty eating. I wasn't sure whether to take extra pain meds or whether this wasn't a good idea, so it was all a bit stressful. Thankfully the pain eventually subsided a little, I stopped retching and managed to drift off to sleep for a while and woke up feeling ill but not horrifically ill. I managed a bit of breakfast and the spa made me feel much better later in the day! Thankfully I haven't had a recurrence the last couple of nights so hopefully it was a one off!

I'm still feeling very nauseous, and a little unsure where to go from here. Being quite so underweight while still so nauseous is rather unfamiliar territory. I'm expecting another call from my dietician over the next few days- this week hasn't exactly gone as we had planned.. We'll just have to see how things go..

I've been at the doctors this morning. It was a doctor I haven't seen for a long time (he was my GP before Uni, and actually the doctor who originally diagnosed me 3 and a half years ago). It was interesting to see what his take on things is. I needed more tramadol to keep me going until I am back at Uni with my usual doctors, and I was needing to try something new for my nausea. He has prescribed prochlorperazine. It's not something I've tried before and he said it would be his first choice- and he did seem to know what he was talking about- so I'm hoping it will help. There's always the concern about side effects and interactions but it's worth a try.

I hate how thin I am at the moment. I hate how sick I feel. I just hope things get easier soon. I'm so grateful I have had 2 trips away with friends recently though and have enjoyed both despite my health. I have one more trip away organised this summer (with my family) so fingers crossed that goes equally well or better..!

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