Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pain flare

My pain is flaring recently. I am in pain head-to-toe. Literally. Normally I'd leave it at that, but I decided that I'd distract myself from the pain I'm currently experiencing by describing each sensation. And then I decided I'd post it as it may be of interest to some.

My scalp is ridiculously sensitive to the extent that brushing my hair causes pain.

My facial pain has been horrible recently. It's been affecting the left hand side of my jaw and making one of my teeth hurt like hell. I've been getting sharp stabbing pains in my forehead more frequently that make me gasp in pain. I get aching across my cheeks and in my forehead as though I have sinusitis, even though my sinuses are clear.

I've got really bad rib pain. My ribs are tender and at times I get crushing pains in the centre of my chest and also stabbing pains either side, as though someone is twisting a knife wedged between my ribs.

My back keeps going into spasm causing me to freeze in absolute agony. The pain absolutely takes my breath away.

My abdominal pain is a constant battle. The pain is just so severe. I don't know what to pass off as 'normal' (for someone with IBS and CFS) or whether any of the pain is panic-worthy. I end up doubled-up in pain at times.

My shoulders keep feeling out of place and painful.

My arms feel heavy and exhausted, weak and painful. Holding my arms up against gravity causes deep, ever-increasing discomfort.

My left wrist is agony if I try to push myself up using my left hand at the moment, which is a bit of a nightmare because that leaves one wrist taking all the strain until it improves..

My hands really hurt. The muscles, the joints, the nerves.. Everything. Even typing on my phone at times is too painful for me to bare.

My hips and knees are causing me a lot of pain. It's hard to find a comfortable position to sit or lie in.

My thighs ache endlessly, as though I've run a marathon.

My feet, ankles and lower legs hurt from using the wrong muscles due to disordered walking.

It's been difficult to tolerate.

It's so challenging because I've been having to take a lot more painkillers over the last week or so, but that makes me feel worse, both because of side effects and just feeling dependent on them and unable to cope alone.

Plus, they're not working. They don't get the pain down to a bearable level. My pain is totally out of control. I need to go back to the doctors, but I'm reticent to increase doses by much or try anything stronger. I don't think I have much choice though in all honesty. I can't live with my pain as it is long-term.

Dealing with pain is both physically and emotionally draining. It's hard to tolerate and cope with. But I just have to get through hour-by-hour and day-by-day until the pain eases. Although I'm suffering tonight, yesterday was a better day, so I'm hoping I'm over the worst of this flare!

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