Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Lots of updates! Various appointments plus last few weeks

I promised an update on my other appointments, so here goes... (There's also a general update at the bottom)

Maxillofacial unit
My facial pain is bearable at the moment, having increased my pregabalin fairly recently, so we're leaving things as they are for now.

Asthma review
Peak flow was 390, which is really good for me. Agreed to keep medications the same.

Appointment went well. Among other things we discussed my rib pain and he thinks it's my intercostal muscles. I am trying some ibuprofen (alongside my other pain meds) to see if the anti-inflammatory properties help; he said it was what he'd use for 'normal' patients so it was worth a try. I said I wasn't keen to try anything stronger than tramadol and he agreed that they would flatten me.

Immunology/CFS Consultant
Appointment was really constructive.

I said my balance had got even worse, and he suggested I got a wobble board to practise my balance.

I said my temperature was all over the place and he said it is a common problem with CFS but nothing can be done.

I mentioned that I was concerned that my hands have been shaking at times, normally in the evening, and asked whether it was likely to be due to weakness. He agreed that it was, and suggested I squeeze a stress ball and/or use a gyroscope exercise ball to strengthen my hands and wrists.

I said that I've been having some speech problems. He says stuttering is common and he wasn't concerned but if it starts causing major problems I can be referred to speech and language pathologist for vocal exercises. He said that he felt there were other things more important to focus on at the moment.

I mentioned that a GI consultant had said that he thought it was possible I have gastroparesis, but said that my nausea etc hadn't been so bad recently so I wasn't keen to go ahead with testing at the moment. He said that if it flares up again, there is someone in a nearby city who looks into neurological GI problems that I can be referred to.

I mentioned my rib pain so my vitamin D is being checked and I've been on folic acid a while so my folate levels are being checked.

Most importantly we discussed my plans for returning to Uni and he agreed that a return in September can go ahead but that I should only do 3 afternoons per week to start with. I was VERY happy to get the thumbs up to start back, even if it is only part-time to begin with - yay!

I coped remarkably well living with friends for a week at my university city while I went to appointments. We had some lovely days and evenings out. I feel a bit more at ease with the idea of going back having managed relatively ok while I was there.

I wasn't managing to help out with anything really, and I feel bad relying on friends so much but I'm sure we'll work something out. I felt very aware that I need a lot more help than I did a year ago, and I also (ideally) need help that I'm not willing to accept. I muddled along ok though- I managed to keep my hair washed regularly and everything like that, which was an achievement. I've had a shower stool (for at the sink) and a bath stool (for having showers in the bath) delivered ready for September, and they helped. I was also pleased that I made sure I spent plenty of time resting.

My mobility and balance have deteriorated recently and I felt a bit unsteady getting around the flat- I need to find all the places to grab hold of/lean on and get my confidence back, but hopefully that will come with time.

I then went back to my university city a second time for my tilt test, and two trips so close together in addition to the tilt test itself, knocked me back a bit. The last week has been a bit rough.

I can't believe I've been diagnosed with Neurally Mediated Hypotension for a week already. I've been trying to look up information online but it seems to be sparse and there is real confusion in terms of terminology. I have come to the conclusion that Neurocardiogenic Syncope and Neurally Mediated Syncope are the same as Neurally Mediated Hypotension. I believe that these aren't the same as Orthostatic Hypotension; I think NMH/NMS/NCS involve a drop in heart rate in addition to a drop in blood pressure, whereas OH is only a drop in blood pressure, and it seems OH is generally seen in older people. Orthostatic Intolerance is different again- that's an increase in symptoms when upright, frequently seen in CFS patients, but it's a symptom rather than a condition. Vasovagal Syncope refers to simple faints- NMH makes Vasovagal Syncope more likely/frequent. Postural/Positional (Orthostatic) Tachycardia Syndrome is a condition similar to NMH; it is also a form of dysautonomia, but the heart rate increases by 30 beats per minute on standing- it causes similar symptoms but whereas NMH can lead to fainting, POTS doesn't. Not sure if that clears anything up for anyone and I'm not 100% sure of the accuracy of any of that, but they are the conclusions I have come to. It would seem there are probably some inconsistencies between specialists to be honest.

I've been tired this week. I've had a few nice days regardless, but have had some rough ones too. My rib pain has eased off a little but my facial pain is twinge-ing a bit, so swings and roundabouts really.

Emotionally I haven't particularly struggled to come to terms with my NMH diagnosis. It feels positive to know that I have it, because it opens up more treatment options.

The 2.5 litre per day fluid intake is really difficult. It's still a struggle every day, but I'm doing it. I'm finding it hard to find foods to put salt on, but I'm trying to have at least 1 high-salt thing per day. Tilt training is really tough- it makes me feel really rough and makes my legs really painful, they shake and my knees threaten to give up, but I'm determined to persevere. My tilt training times seemed to be rising quite significantly early on but they're fluctuating a bit now. Considering my first time was 4 seconds, I'm quite pleased to have broken the 10 minute mark a couple of times in the last few days.

I have no idea whether I should have seen an effect from the increased fluids and salt yet (apart from increased trips to the bathroom); I'm still hopeful that these will help, and am (sort-of) looking forward to my compression tights arriving to see whether they help too. At least I know that there are further options to try if these things fail to improve my symptoms.


  1. I had 2 Vitamin D injections 3 months apart last year a high dose 300,000iu a consequence of which was my temperature regulated itself maybe look into it

  2. It sounds as though you have been busy with all of your appointments, if only you were busy doing fun things instead, eh! I have such poor temperature control I never seem to know if I'm in Winter or Summer, which is most annoying! I get such terrible shakes too, using a stress ball is a good idea, I shall be trying that one!
    Take care Jess, lots and lots of love!


  3. You've had a busy old time of it . Hospital appointments always knocks me back too. The thing you said about POTs which I have, you can faint with it I do and can lower pressure when standing. I saw professor newton about it she was very good.

  4. Keep up with the drinking it really helps. Take care!